How to Update Your Vudu Payment Method

Update Your Vudu Payment Method

Last update: 24 Oct, 2022

If you are a Vudu customer, then you know that it is important to keep your payment information up-to-date. If your payment method expires or changes, then you will need to update your information in order to continue using Vudu.

In this blog post, we will walk you through the process of updating your payment method on Vudu.


How to Update Your Vudu Payment Method?

Vudu is a video streaming service that offers a variety of movies and TV shows. It is similar to other services like Netflix and Hulu, but Vudu has some unique features that set it apart. For one, Vudu offers a wider selection of movies and TV shows than its competitors.

In addition, Vudu allows users to rent or purchase movies and TV shows, giving them more control over their viewing experience. Finally, Vudu also offers a feature called “disc to digital,” which allows users to convert their physical DVDs into digital format.

This makes it easy to watch your favorite movies and TV shows on any device, without having to worry about losing or damaging your discs.


  • First, open the Vudu app and click on the “Menu” tab.
  • Then, select “My Account”.
  • Next, scroll down to the “Billing & Payments” section.
  • Click on “Update Payment Method.”
  • Now, enter your new payment information and click on “Submit.”

That’s it! Your payment method has been updated. If you have any questions or problems, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help!

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How to redeem a code on Vudu?

If you have a Vudu promo code, here’s how to redeem it:

  • First, go to and sign in.
  • Once signed in, hover over the account icon in the top right corner of the screen and select “redeem”.
  • Enter your promo code on the following page and click “submit”.
  • Vouchers will be applied to your account and can be used toward rentals or purchases on
  • or any device with the Vudu app. Thanks for using Vudu!

Customers can’t update payment method


There could be a few reasons why your payment method isn’t updating. One possibility is that there might be a problem with your card or account.

Another possible reason is that your bank might be blocking the transaction for security purposes.

If you’ve recently moved or changed your phone number, then your bank might also have trouble locating you and verifying the payment.

If you’re having any trouble updating your payment method, then it’s best to contact either your bank.

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