How to Stream VR On Twitch

The popular Twitch streams include the use of VR. It provides an immersive and unique experience and this is why people love it. Horror games become so vivid and party games are super fun when VR is involved. Here is how to stream your VR games on Twitch.


For Streaming using a PC

If you are using your PC to stream, then you must use Oculus or an HTC Vive. Following are the steps that you will have to follow to stream using PC.

  • Open the game that you want to play on the stream
  • Choose the streaming software. Streamlabs and OBS are probably the best software to play your game. Check if you are connected to your Twitch account
  • Click Add a New Source
  • Choose the Game Capture option
  • Click Capture Specific Window
  • Choose VR Capture and add the title of the game
  • If you want to use LIV then choose the Window drop-down list to see your chat
  • Re-size your screen and click Go Live

For Streaming using PlayStation

If you are using a PlayStation, then you have to follow these steps:

  • Open the game you wish to play on the stream
  • On the PlayStation, the controller clicks the Share button
  • Open the Broadcast Gameplay
  • Choose Twitch as the streaming service
  • Add a title for your stream
  • Choose a stream quality setting 1080p on High is recommended
  • Start Broadcasting
  • You will see the Twitch chat on the right side

For Streaming Via PlayStation with an overlay

If you have an overlay and want to see it on the PSVR stream, then you can integrate it. You will need a capture card to use as an extra webcam.

  • Connect your PlayStation to the capture card via HDMI
  • Turn on your PlayStation console
  • Add a Video Capture Device
  • In the Settings choose the Device
  • Select the card
  • Your PlayStation feed will be visible on your PC screen. If you cannot see the stream, then the HDMI is not in the right slot. You will have to turn off the HDCP setting on your console
  • Add another new source
  • Choose Audio Input Capture
  • Add an audio capture device
  • When the audio is set up you can start the stream

When you are using overlay then you will be required to check the settings of your computer. It is important to set up your computer with the in-game chat. The overlay will take precedent over the chat windows which are already open.

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