How to Stream Video and Music to Xbox Console from Windows 10

Stream Video and Music to Xbox Console from Windows 10
Stream Video and Music to Xbox Console from Windows 10

Last updated: Sep 7, 2022

When it comes to streaming music and sharing data, Microsoft’s Xbox One and Windows 7, 8, and 10 work well together.

This was also true for the Xbox 360 and Windows, where you could utilize the Windows Media Center extension or the Play To function in Windows 7.

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How to Stream Video and Music to Xbox Console from Windows 10?

If you’ve used an Xbox 360 before, the process is nearly identical on Xbox One, and it probably works better. If you’re new to the Xbox One or the Xbox in general, here’s how to get everything set up so you can stream music from your Windows PC to the device.

These procedures have altered, owing to Microsoft’s rebranding of a few major apps. Check out our most recent lesson on how to stream music and video from Windows 10 to Xbox.

Multimedia can be from a Windows PC to an Xbox One

  • To begin, make sure that Media is Streaming on your PC.
  • Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Media Streaming Options is where you’ll discover it.
  • Then go to Settings > Preferences on your Xbox One and make sure Play To as shown in the image below.
  • You’ll also need to download the Xbox Music app if you have a new Xbox One.
  • You’ll download it if you don’t already have it.

The same is true for video, you must install the Xbox Video software on your console.

From Your Personal Computer

Locate the music or videos you wish to play on your PC, right-click them, pick Play To from the context menu, and then Xbox One. You can select material from your computer, an external drive, or a network site.

I’m streaming a song from my Windows Home Server, for example, in the screenshot below.

  • You’ll to a small Windows Media Player screen where you may add new songs or videos and manage playback.
  • You may also control the playback of your media with your Xbox One controller.
  • If the metadata for a music file has an album cover, it will on the TV.

Note that while FLAC and MKV files are in Windows 10, the Xbox One has not yet with it, therefore certain file types will not work. However, FLAC and MKV should after the console to Windows 10. I’ll keep you informed as things go.

Since you can run your own video, there may not be many purposes to stream video. Since you can plug your cable into it and it has a slew of streaming video apps, there may not much need to stream video. However, if you connect your Xbox One to an A/V receiver, speakers, and a powerful sub, the music from your computer sounds even better.

Xbox Features

Stream Video and Music to Xbox Console from Windows 10
Stream Video and Music to Xbox Console from Windows 10

PlayTo is an Xbox feature that allows you to stream media from supported devices and apps in Windows 10, such as the Groove Music and Movies & TV apps, to your Xbox 360 or Xbox One console.

  • Note PlayTo is only available on devices that support the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA), such as desktops and some smartphones.
  • If your PC or device runs Windows 10 or Windows 8.1, you can only use PlayTo with your Xbox console.
  • See the PlayTo overview for Xbox 360 for further information on how to use PlayTo with your Xbox 360.
  • Change the Xbox One console options for further information on enabling PlayTo on your Xbox One.

With Windows 10, you can stream videos and music from your computer to the Xbox One. To get started all that’s needed is a PC with an active internet connection.

As well as software such as free programs like MediaFire or YouTubeDLM. That will allow users access download files directly onto their device in order to play offline once they’re outside of network range without having any data charges imposed upon them.

Further detail 8 Best Streaming Devices to Replace the Cable.

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