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How to Stream On Multiple Platforms OBS

Stream On Multiple Platforms OBS

Nowadays it is tough for social media streamers to gain plenty of views on their video. It is important to promote your channel or videos in the right manner by using social media platforms.

Even though YouTube and Twitch are the most popular options, you cannot ignore other networks out there. In this post we will discuss how to live stream from OBS to multiple platforms:


Create and set up a restream account

The content creators will have to create a restream account. You can choose from a popular package that is available at $19 per month.

It will help you stream around 5 channels at once. If you want to stream 8 channels avail of the professional package that costs $49 per month.

Open OBS studio and connect with Restream

You can simply open up an OBS studio. Even if you don’t have it, need not worry as this powerful program has it all. If you have a system that has got plenty of storage space, everything will be good.

Working with windows can be a little challenging. However, OBS is a multi-platform and you can use it for any device.

Create a scene in the OBS studio

  • The next step will be to create a scene in the OBS studio.
  • Move on to the sources box and click on the lower part of the screen.
  • You will have to select the ‘Video capture device’ next.
  • Select your webcam and start to click Ok.
  • A box that represents the video will pop up from the webcam.
  • You can adjust the setting of our studio screen according to your requirement.
  • Let’s suppose you are streaming a game, for this run the game first and add it to the OBS studio.

Start Live streaming on Multiple Platforms

  • When all the preparations are done you need to start live streaming.
  • Just click on the ‘Start streaming’ button in the control box.
  • Once the button is clicked your live stream will be in a moment.
  • It will go live on every media platform that is available on your restream application.
  • If you want to check them, open up your browser and visit all the social media channels that you have joined.
  • There you can check your broadcast too.


Now you must have understood how to live stream OBS to multiple platforms at once. You can start with choosing a restream package that is available at an affordable rate. It’s wonderful that the OBS studio itself is powerful and thrilling, to begin with.

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