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How to Stream Nintendo Switch without capture card [ Oct 2022 ]

stream Nintendo Switch without a capture card

The Nintendo Switch has captured the heart of millions. It was released in 2017 and since then there is no looking back.

They have been creating a lot of titles that are gathering the interest of viewers, especially on Twitch. There has been a big concern for the owners.

As compared to other consoles like PS4 and Xbox it doesn’t stream out of the box. The streamers will have to make use of a capture card to deal with the streaming issue. However, all this can be an expensive investment for the users as the cards are very expensive.

Each one of the cards has a price range of $100 to USD 200. The price range is dependent on the model and the brand itself.


How to stream Nintendo Switch without a capture card?

Many gamers will like to know how they can stream Nintendo Switch without a capture card. If you want to simply set up the video and image quality you can easily connect a dock to the Xbox.

This Xbox will then connect with a PC that is running the Xbox App.

It will finally connect with OBS or Stream labs that are usually online along with Twitch.

What will you need?

You will need the following things to complete your process:

Xbox One

  • This console is a perfect alternative to a capture card. It remains to be a perfect fixture in the gamer’s household.


  • Twitch must have an Intel Core i5-4670 processor.
  • If not, then it must be equivalent to AMD.
  • It also has around 8GB of RAM and even a newer version of Windows 7.
  • Some other laptops are a suitable choice. However on the whole they may not turn out to be compatible.

Streaming Software

  • One of the popular free streaming software options is OBS studio.
  • Even Streamlabs also happens to be a good choice.
  • You can easily connect both these programs to connect your Switch to a Live TV.
  • Further Switch can turn to a live Twitch free that is lag-free.

Internet requirement

  • The internet speed must have a fast speed of at least 3MB.
  • This is easy to attain on most home connections.
  • It is possible with the use of wireless or via the use of a hotspot.


stream Nintendo Switch without a capture card

Stream Nintendo Switch without a capture card

Here are some steps you need to follow:

  • Start connecting the switch with your dock.
  • Make use of an HDMI cable and connect it with the dock in the Xbox one port.
  • Your Xbox will boot OneGuide and turn on the Switch. The images from Switch will start to appear on your PC’s monitor.
  • By making use of an Ethernet cable start connecting the Xbox with your PC.
  • You can check out the Xbox One console as Nintendo Switch will show up.
  • The user must boot either OBS or Streamlabs to configure the streaming software. It will capture the Xbox app window.
  • You will now stream your Switch to Twitch and go live the way you want to.

Capture cards for streaming Switch

Being a user if you plan to purchase a capture card for using Switch you can choose Elgato. It is a popular brand. As the setup process is quite easy it will not take much time.

  • It offers a lag-free stream without any issues.
  • By making use of a Nintendo Switch-compatible card you can have it all. You need to have a capture card especially when you don’t have an Xbox One.
  • It offers a smooth and easy display without any delays.
  • Two popular models include Elgato game capture HD60 and Elgato Capture HD60S. You will need a USB 3.0 and 2.0.
  • It must have an H.264 Encoder along with an instant display.
  • The unlimited capture will offer something smooth.

Can you stream Nintendo Switch with a capture card?

  • Yes, you can stream Nintendo Switch to Twitch without using a capture card.
  • This is possible due to the use of the Xbox One. However, this can turn out to be an expensive purchase for the buyers.
  • Most gamers usually have other consoles that are working for them efficiently.
  • It takes some effort to stream Twitch gameplay on Twitch, YouTube, and even gaming for Facebook.

Let’s have a quick guide to live streaming a pre-recorded video on YouTube.

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