How to Stream Nintendo Switch using Discord [Oct 2022]

Stream Nintendo Switch using Discord
Stream Nintendo Switch using Discord

Want to live but can’t find a way to connect your Nintendo Switch to Discord? You will need a PC for the transition to play as you read the screen shown in the window.

You can use VLC or any other video converter. I think you already have a PC or a PC with HDMI. If you have no discord and you can also Stream Nintendo Switch to Mac.

Options to Stream Nintendo Switch using Discord

To stream Discord to your Nintendo Switch, you need to meet a few prerequisites. You must ask the owner of the console.

Stream Nintendo Switch using Discord
Stream Nintendo Switch using Discord

Since Nintendo Switch does not have an app for Discord, you will need a computer to convert and play the screen on Windows (using VLC or any other movie player). Then it will appear on Discord.

This article will demonstrate how to stream Nintendo Switch to Discord using a video capture card that can be purchased at almost any electronics store, such as Best Buy or Amazon.

However, if you have a computer or a computer with an HDMI “in” port, you do not need a video card because you can connect the converter directly to your computer (which is not always the case with these computers).

  • Insert the switch into the Dock. The switch’s USB-C port must be connected to the Dock for a secure connection.
  • Remove any monitors or televisions connected to the docking station to avoid signal interference.
  • Connect the HDMI docking station to the capture card. The Dock only provides output from the HDMI port, so connect the other end of the HDMI cable to the “in” port of your capture card to see if you can transfer data to your computer.
  • Open the video capture card software on your computer.
  • You may be prompted to download this software from a package or a user manual.
  • When you connect the USB cable, your computer prompts you to download the necessary software. Open the door.
  • The POWER button is in the left corner. Connect the capture card’s USB wire to your computer. If the video capture card capture software is not open, it will now open.
  • Your computer screen should soon show the Nintendo Switch screen.
  • If that doesn’t work, find the information on your capture card.
  • Open Notepad, TextEdit, or Word software.
  • You should be able to print and paste numbers to create a VLC shortcut on your desktop with the card opener.
  • You can use any other video player (except VLC) that can output audio / video on Windows.
  • Some card detectors will come with software to do this. Paste the code below. “C: \ Program Files \ VideoLAN \ VLC \ vlc.exe” dshow: //: dshow-vdev = “Game Capture HD60 S (Video) (# 01)”: dshow-adev = “Game Capture HD60 S (Audio) (# 01) “: dshow-aspect-ratio =” 16: 9 “: dshow-audio-samplerate = 48000: dshow-audio-channels = 2: live-caching = 0: dshow-fps = 60
  • Quotation marks are important, so make sure they aren’t omitted from your code when you copy and paste. The file in “C: \ Program Files \ VideoLAN \ VLC \ vlc.exe” may be different if VLC is installed in a different location and should be changed if necessary.
  • The displayed device list is from Elgato (Game Capture HD60 S), so you will need to update the file accordingly.
  • Open VLC. If you don’t have VLC, you can download it. If you know the setup, you can use a variety of video players that allow you to select audio/video.
  • Click on Media.
  • Display on the top of the player with reading, audio, and service.
  • Click Open Capture Device.
  • It is in the middle of the menu. Make sure DirectShow is selected.
  • Otherwise, click on the “Capture Mode” tab and go to “DirectShow”.
  • Select your capture card from the drop-down list next to “Video Device Name” and “Audio Device Name”.
  • This must be the name of a capture card (like Game Capture or Elgato).
  • Check the box next to “Show more options”.
  • A window will open to see additional details such as MRL and start time.
  • Adjust the rules as needed.
  • Copy the name of the video card into the “Change options” field.
  • You can see it after “: show-vdev =”.
  • Paste the name of the video card from the text into the text you typed in Notepad, TextEdit, etc.
  • Repeat this process for the name of the sound card. In case of discrepancy, all punctuation characters must be rewritten.
  • If the video capture card does not have “(video) (# 01)”, delete this file. Close Windows and VLC.
  • If you click Cancel in the “Open Media” window, you can click X to close VLC. If you don’t want to create a shortcut that does all of this, you can just click play. However, you will need to change this setting every time you run VLC and Discord.
  • Right-click on the VLC shortcut on your desktop.
  • This app symbol resembles an orange traffic cone.
  • Click Properties. It’s at the bottom of the menu.
  • Put the code for your software word in the text next to “Target”.
  • This shows the shortcut open with the parameters encoded every time you use it.
  • If you want to use VLC without a card reader, open it from another shortcut (for example, Start menu or Applications folder).
  • Click on OK.
  • Changes to shortcuts can be applied.
  • Double click on the VLC shortcut.
  • The capture card opens in a new window where Discord can be seen in your live stream.

You have successfully done it! Here I shared one more interesting topic for you how to stream Amazon Prime on Android?

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