How to See who is Watching your Twitch Stream [ Oct 2022 ]

Twitch is a popular live-streaming platform that allows users to stream live content related to sports, entertainment, and other interesting types of live streams.

Many people who are doing a Livestream are curious to know who is watching their twitch stream. The simple answer to these questions is yes and no as well.

People all over the world watch Twitch streams to see what’s going on in real-time with their favorite gamers.


How to See who is Watching your Twitch Stream?

A user can stay visible or anonymous

The viewers on the Twitch platform when logging in to the Twitch platform have the option to stay visible or anonymous.

  • If the users allow the streamer to ‘see’ them only then the streamer will be able to identify who is watching them.
  • If you wish to remain anonymous, then the Twitch streamer will not be able to see you.
  • Make sure that you stay logged out of the platform if you don’t want the streamer to see you.
  • The Twitch streamers are often curious that who is watching their live stream.
  • The live streamers want to embark on a successful journey and they want to know how many people are streaming their live stream on Twitch.
  • The world of live streaming is interesting and it only becomes successful if a lot of people are watching your live stream.
  • When people start broadcasting to the public then they want to know who is watching their live stream as well.

A live stream is a video broadcast when the audience can visually see the live streamer. The live streamer also has the chance to see who is watching them. They also have the chance to live chat with them. The faces of the viewers cannot be seen but the chat option is only available. This can be accomplished by the live streamer and can allow the streamer to find out more about the audience interaction.

Who is watching your Twitch stream?

  • The number one way to find out would be through Viewers & Subscribers.
  • The more people who subscribe, the higher chance that you will get noticed by an audience of similar viewers!

Can you see the Viewer List on Twitch?

The live streamer can see the viewers’ list. They can also find out more about who is watching your live stream. The viewer list is available on the platform and you can check it out.

All streaming platforms offer the option of a viewer list or a viewer count. A viewer list will ensure the streamers that the live stream is being watched by anyone.

  • On Twitch, the viewer list is available at the bottom of the chat section.
  • The live streamer can also find the settings cog.
  • You just have to click on the “list” button and see who is watching your stream.
  • There is a “see,” option that allows the streamers to read the usernames of the viewers.
  • The users must be logged in if they want to appear on the Livestream.
  • The live streamer will not be able to see the faces of the users as well.
  • The viewership count on Twitch is huge.
  • There are hundreds of viewers on Twitch.
  • The viewership is huge and this is why it can become difficult to find a certain user.
  • When you have so many streamers then it will become impossible for you to find out the names of each username.

Can you see the Viewer Count on Twitch?

See who is Watching your Twitch Stream
See who is Watching your Twitch Stream

A viewer count allows the streamer to stream viewership. The viewer list will show the number of viewer counts to the Twitch streamer. The count allows the Twitch streamer to identify their popularity on the platform. YouTube doesn’t offer a viewer list option so streamers have to only rely on the viewer count.

Twitch is a great streaming platform and it allows the video streamer to see the viewer count easily.

  • You just have to turn on the feature and the viewer count will start to appear at the bottom of your live stream.
  • Every Twitch streamer wants to know how many people are streaming their content.
  • This helps them to identify which type of content is being appreciated and loved by the audience.
  • This helps them to plan for their future live streams as well.
  • Unlike some other live streaming platforms, Twitch allows the live streamers to see the viewer count as well as the viewer list as well.
  • If you are a Twitch live streamer, then you can avail this option to check out the list of people who are watching you.

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