5 Ways to See Twitch Chat While Streaming

See Twitch Chat While Streaming

How can we see Twitch Chat while streaming? And you’ll get all the information corresponding to this topic.

Twitch chat is a place for all your favorite gamers to come and hang out. You can talk about what games you’re playing, strategy tips with friends on the platform, or just have fun while watching others play!

Streaming is a way of getting data ( in either a video or an audio form) by a computer network. And having a constant and continuous flow permits playback to start.

While all the data can be received. So if you are the one who is interested in gaming and also wants to intense your interest by viewing chat while streaming then you click on the right spot!

Twitch chat is one of the best and most well-known platforms that make a gamer or a streamer communicate with viewers. Chat is the most considerable part of streaming, but it is a complicated task to see chat on-screen while streaming.

Because during the process of streaming or gaming the screen is fully utilized by the game or stream. I am going to figure out this problem.


5 Ways to See Twitch Chat While Streaming

Twitch chat is the best place to be if you want real-time feedback on your stream. You could easily miss out on some of that interaction by only watching. So make sure and tune into what people are saying while they’re still streaming!

This article will provide you with the best and easiest ways to see the chat while streaming. So here we go!

Additional Devices

In additional devices, there are two varieties.

 Use Of Smart Phone

It’s an easy but not much attainable way you can see the chat on your mobile phone while streaming on monitor So in this way it is a faraway one to focus on both.

Use Of Additional Monitor

A gamer or a streamer can use an additional monitor for viewing chat and meeting viewers generally.

It is the most professional way of streaming and it will surely impress your viewers. The additional monitor can also be used to get the primary one backed up.

There is no need of installing any other software while using it. It is the most gainer method of streaming.

Third Party-Softwares

These are some Softwares that can play a helpful role in seeing chat while streaming. They arranged pop-ups and overlays without breaking- off streaming.

I am going to introduce you to a couple of third-party software.


It is an overlay software. After installing it you need to switch on your twitch chat account and choose the chat which you want to be overlaid. It is an accessible and manageable way that allows you to set the size and drag the chat around your monitor screen.


Restream is a second third-party software it works just as baffler dodoes. But the only thing that sets it apart is the option of designing the hot-key on chat to direct the appearance and disappearance of chat. It is a multi-streaming software. so it is more complicated than baffler.


This software facilitates you by reading chat for you. It proves beneficial when a streamer wants to stick with streaming not tend to read.

The software reads chat for a streamer and will be helpful while streaming but it is also determined a cramping one.


The final software I am going to talk about is window mode. it will facilitate you to see chat while streaming. It is activated by dividing your screen into two portions.

One part presents streaming while the other one shows chat. It is quite diverting for viewers so I’m not suggesting you this one. Here you can test stream without going live on Twitch.

Chat Box Widget

It is a fantastic tool to realize to the viewers what they’ve missed and to bulge the audience to read chat next time. It is the best way to establish the connection between streamers and viewers. It’s an overlay to present the work of a streamer.

Pros and Cons of Seeing Chat while Streaming

It is widely observed that some streamers like chat to appear on the screen while the others do not.

There are some pros and cons veiled under this classification.


The eminent benefit of seeing chat while streaming is that the viewers feel happy to see their comments and the distinctness of their views. And It makes them feel proud to be a part of the community.

It is the best way to facilitate viewers by giving them the exact information( Time and Transmitter ) of a comment.


Considering its cons it tends to say that sometimes it distracts the viewers because they utilize their focus to seeing chats while paying not any attention to the actual content.

Another con of viewing chat on screen is that it’s quite difficult to place a chat somewhere on the screen and in this way it spoils the attention of the streamer as well as the viewers.


To cut the story short, I’d only say that it’s very difficult to manage chat while streaming, but there are some ways to handle it.

While they also conceive some lags. And as I have explained to you all of them. I hope that it will prove beneficial to you for further assistance hit me up on the comment box.

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