How To Do Screen Mirroring On An LG Smart TV

Screen Mirroring On An LG Smart TV
Screen Mirroring On An LG Smart TV

Watching videos and TV shows on your personal mobile phone or laptop has become the norm, mainly due to convenience.

However, if you own an LG smart TV, you can bring this convenience to your large screen and make yourself comfortable as you settle down with your favorite TV show or binge-watch random YouTube videos.


How Screen Mirroring Works On The LG Smart TV

While the method to screen share any device with an LG Smart TV is mostly the same, some steps are a bit different depending on the device used. As such, we have noted down the required steps for different devices.

Screen Mirroring From Android To LG Smart TV

Before you begin following the steps, identify what the screen mirroring feature on your phone is called. Depending on the brand and/or model, it may be called one of the following:

  • Screen Share (LG Smart Phones)
  • Miracast
  • Wi-Fi Direct

Once you have worked that out, here is how to screen share your LG smart TV with your Android device.

  • 1). Open the home menu on your LG Smart TV and select “Screen Share”.
  • 2). Open the settings app or tap on the screen mirroring option (depending on what device you are using) on your Android device and locate your LG Smart TV from the listed devices under the “where to play media” option.
  • Note that it might take a few minutes for your device to detect your LG Smart TV.
  • 3). Once you have located your LG Smart TV, tap on it to start setting up the connection. Both your phone and the television will inform you of its progress.
  • 4). Your screen will automatically connect once the connection process ends. To end the screen sharing, tap disconnect on your phone or simply turn your LG Smart TV off.

For Apple Devices

Most LG Smart TV models are compatible with AirPlay. However, if your LG Smart TV is not compatible with AirPlay, you can use a third-party app such as Airbeam or Air more.

Screen Mirroring From Laptop/PC To LG Smart TV

  • 1). Open the Screen Share app on your LG Smart TV.
  • 2). Open your PC/laptop’s settings and click on the Devices option.
  • 3). Click on “Bluetooth And Other Devices” and then select “Bluetooth or Other Device”.
  • 4). Select “Add a Device” from the dialogue box that appears.
  • 5). Select between “Wireless Display and Dock”.
  • 6). Select your LG Smart TV and wait for the connection to form.
  • 7). Once the connection is completed, change the projection mode to duplicate.
  • 8). Screen sharing is now in effect. To end it, simply click the “Disconnect” icon on the black rectangle box appearing on the top of your PC or laptop screen, or simply switch off your TV.

Use The Cast Option on Smartphones

Alternatively, you can also view content from your smartphone on your LG Smart TV by casting content from the select number of apps that support the feature, such as YouTube and Netflix. To do so, simply follow the given steps.

  • 1). Switch on your LG Smart TV.
  • 2). Launch the app you want to cast on your smartphone (make sure it supports this feature).
  • 3). In the app of your choice, tap the Cast icon and select your LG Smart TV from the list of devices.
  • 4). The casting is complete, and you should be good to go.

Now that you know how to use screen mirroring on your LG Smart TV, you can use this feature to enjoy your favorite shows and videos much more comfortably on your big screen instead of squinting at smaller screens.

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