How to Rate Movies on Amazon Prime Roku [ Oct 2022 ]

Rate Movies on Amazon Prime Roku

Roku and Amazon Prime offer a great selection of movies that you can watch at any time. But how do you know which ones are good?

And once you’ve found a movie you want to watch, how do you rate it? In this blog post, we will show you how to rate movies on Amazon Prime Roku.


Rate Movies on Amazon Prime Roku

If you’re a fan of movies, then you’re probably a member of Amazon Prime. And if you’re a member of Amazon Prime, then you’ve likely used your Roku to watch them.

Amazon Prime is a subscription service offered by Amazon that gives users access to free two-day shipping, streaming video and music, and other benefits. For many Amazon customers, Prime is worth the annual fee for the convenience and savings it provides.

However, some people question whether the benefits of Prime are worth the cost. In order to make an informed decision, it’s important to understand what Amazon Prime has to offer.

Amazon Prime offers a variety of benefits that can be divided into three main categories: shipping, entertainment, and extras. With Prime, customers enjoy free two-day shipping on eligible items from Amazon. For many people, this alone is worth the annual fee. In addition, Prime members have access to streaming videos and music.


There are a few ways to rate movies on Amazon Prime Roku. You can rate them with stars, use a thumbs up or down rating, or write a review.

  • To rate a movie with stars, select the number of stars you want to give it and press enter.
  • To use the thumbs-up or down rating, press the button corresponding to your choice.
  • And to write a review, select the text box and start typing.
  • Once you’ve rated a movie, it will show up in your “Movies Rated” list.
  • This list is accessible from the main menu on both the Roku and Amazon Prime websites.
  • You can also see how other people have rated the movie by selecting “See All User Reviews.”

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Amazon Prime Video star rating system

Thanks for the A2A.

The Amazon Prime Video star rating system is a great way to keep track of your favorite shows and movies. It’s a simple system that allows you to rate each show or movie on a scale of 1-5 stars. In addition, you can add comments and reviews for each show or movie. The star rating system is easy to use and it’s a great way to keep track of your favorites. I highly recommend using it!

Why can’t I rate movies on Amazon Prime app?

There could be a number of reasons why you can’t rate movies on the Amazon Prime app.

It’s possible that the app isn’t functioning properly and needs to be updated. Alternatively, it’s possible that you don’t have an Amazon Prime membership, which is required in order to rate movies on the app

Finally, it’s also possible that the movie you’re trying to rate isn’t available for ratings yet. If none of these seem to be the case, then it’s best to contact Amazon customer support for help troubleshooting the issue.

How to rate movies on Amazon Prime PS4?

It’s actually pretty easy to rate movies on Amazon Prime ps4! Here’s how:

  1. First, find the movie you want to rate.
  2. Then, select the star rating you want to give it.
  3. Finally, hit “Submit” and your rating will be saved!
  4. Just remember that you have to be logged in to your Amazon account in order to rate anything.


We hope this blog post has helped you learn how to rate movies on Amazon Prime Roku. Thanks for reading!

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