How to Fix Disney Plus Not Working on Firestick

Fix Disney Plus Not Working on Firestick
Fix Disney Plus Not Working on Firestick

Disney Plus provides easy access to a wide range of movies and television shows that are also available for download. It’s best to use a smart TV, a laptop, a tablet, or a console in order to accomplish this.

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Fix Disney Plus Not Working on Firestick

And it is also easy on the pockets as it is really affordable. Disney plus offers all Disney-related titles as well as titles from Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic originals. Learn how to fix Disney plus not working on Firestick? why it comes.

Why is my Disney plus not working on my Firestick?

Typically, the causes for the Disney Plus app not working on your FireStick are related to the streaming service, having trouble connecting to the internet, or needing to restart your FireStick.

It is possible that Disney Plus may also experience problems, resulting in the service not working properly. Using an old operating system can also cause the Firestick to glitch. So updating your OS to a newer version can also help your Disney plus to work properly.

Full storage space can also result in the Disney plus not working smoothly. So by clearing up some unencrypted files, you will get enough space for your Disney plus.

How to fix Examine your internet connection?

Most often internet-related issues can also affect the overall performance of the Disney plus app. Which can result in its not working properly on your Firestick. So make sure that you have an operative internet connection.

You can also use to measure your uploading and downloading speed to see whether it meets the right criteria for speed or not. If your internet connection is extremely slow you can try restarting your router to make it faster.

Try re-logging into your Disney plus account

Log out of your Disney plus account and try to refresh your account data and log back in. this method may help in removing the Disney plus Firestick problem.

Follow the steps below to carry out the above-mentioned process

  • Firstly, open the Disney plus app on your Firestick.
  • Navigate to the side menu and click on the settings.
  • After that simply choose the logout option and tap on it.

Once you are successfully logged out, wait for a few minutes before logging back into your Disney plus account.

Try clearing up the cache

Collecting cookies and cache helps in the overall performance but on certain occasions cache, data can get corrupted which might affect the overall performance of your Disney plus on Firestick. So clearing up the cache can help in solving this issue.

Follow the steps below to clear up the cache

  • Navigate to the settings of your Firestick.
  • Tap on the applications. Now tap on manage installed applications.
  • Select the Disney plus app.
  • You will be provided with the option of clear data or clear cache.
  • Simply click on it to get rid of the cache.

Check for recent updates

One of the reasons for your Disney plus not working properly on your Firestick could be that it has been updated to the newer version. So updating the application can also solve your current issues. Be mindful of that.

You can either select the option of automated updates, where any new updates will be done automatically. Or you can follow the steps below to carry out the update process manually

  • Navigate to the apps and games on your Firestick home screen.
  • Search up the Disney plus app there.
  • Click on it and see if there is any update available.
  • If yes then simply click on it to start the updating process.

Try reinstalling your Disney plus app on your Firestick. You can also try reinstalling the app if all the above-mentioned methods were not effective.

Follow the steps to uninstall and reinstall Disney plus on your Firestick

  • On your fire device, go to the settings.
  • Tap on the applications. Now tap on manage installed applications.
  • Choose Disney plus on the given list and uninstall it.
  • After successfully uninstalling the app, try reinstalling it again from your apps
    and games.

Go to the help center of Disney plus

To resolve the Disney Plus problem on Fire TV if none of the solutions above worked, it
is best to opt for professional help.

To contact Disney Plus customer service, visit their Help Center and use social media, chat, or telephone. To help their team understand the issue, you should provide as much information as possible, such as your account details, the device you are using, and a screenshot of the error.


The following are some of the recommended methods for fixing the Disney plus Not Working on Firestick issue. Hopefully one of these methods works for you.

There are various reasons why your Disney plus is not working properly on your Firestick. So carrying out the above solutions may help you solve the problem and if not then you can always take assistance from their help center regarding your issue.

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